III International Congress Santuarios

The third edition of the International Congress “Santuarios” will be held in Valcamonica, the Landmarks Valley.

Valcamonica is one of those rare places in the world that narrates a long story rooted in spirituality. Its treasures include a rich collection of rock-art that has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage. The might of Roman domination was followed by a complex sequence of events accompanying the conversion to Christianity in the Alps. Its legacy includes countless churches, chapels, shrines and cult places.

The meeting sets out to challenge all the diverse dimensions of the relationship between culture, environment and man. Thus, an invitation to participate is extended to anthropologists, archaeologists, architects, artists, performers, biologists, conservators, restorers, believers, devotees and pilgrims, curators, writers, designers, philosophers, gastronomes, geologists, historians, art historians, doctors, museologists, musicians and musicologists, psychologists, priests, sociologists and all those who understand that their work and their devotion has a relationship with a broad concept of sanctuaries.

1) The sanctuaries and rituality from prehistory the Roman world
2) Art and Iconography: archetypes and geographical spread
3) Architecture, art, devotion and meeting places of the sacred
4) New cults, pilgrimages and religious tourism
5) Sanctuaries, landscapes and natural environments