Recording rock-art fieldwork in Valcamonica 2024

In the wonderful framework of Valcamonica, UNESCO heritage since 1979, the Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici organizes its annual recording rock-art fieldwork. Also this year, the fieldowork continues in the site of Foppe di Nadro (Riserva naturale incisioni rupestri di Ceto, Cimbergo e Paspardo), to complete its documentation and to publish the area.

Available places: 10
Requirements: The fieldwork is addressed to everyone; priority will be given to students and graduates in archaeology, anthropology, history and art history
Deadline: curriculm and participation form have to be sent by 28 June 2024 to:
Cost: 60 € plus subscription to Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici (40 €)
Lodging in Valcamonica: There is a guest house available at the CCSP with shared kitchen (10€ per night)

The fieldwork will be structured on 2 weeks; during which the participants will learn how to document rock-art, how to verify and complete a nylon sheet, how to catalogue the rock-art figures. More specifically, the activities will be:
• Placing the nylon tracing sheets and recording.
• Use of the total station, georeferencing of the rocks, elaboration of the data in GIS.
• Archaeological photography of the engraved rocks.
• Digitization of the tracings, processing and recomposition with computer in laboratory.
• Cataloguing, analysing and comparing the data with archaeological sources.
• Post-processing of the gathered data.
• Seminars.

The fieldwork activities will start at 9 am on 15 July, we advise to arrive the day before. The last day of work will be Saturday 27 July, with the departures on Sunday.

A certificate of participation with the activities will be sent to the participants at the end of the fieldwork. If your university requires to fill in specific forms, we are at disposal.