Recording Rock-Art Fieldwork in Valcamonica 2014

Dipartimento Valcamonica and Lombardia and Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici organize the annual rock art recording  of the Foppe area in Nadro – Riserva naturale incisioni rupestri di Ceto, Cimbergo e Paspardo (Brescia) (Rock engravings Natural Reserve of Ceto, Cimbergo e Paspardo (Brescia, Italy) aimed at the completion of the rock art areas research in the middle Val Camonica.
Recording Rock-Art Fieldwork (available places 10)
Recording Rock-Art Fieldwork is aimed at the training of a staff who can specializes in the rock art tracing, with lessons and meetings about rock art. The fieldworks, which will be organized in two different periods, will integrate the traditional rock art research through the tracing on sheets of nylon, with the employment of new techniques. In particular:

I Phase (21st July – 3rd August)
The first part of the fieldwork will focus on the following activities:
• Fieldwork:  preparation of the rocky surfaces, tracing of the engravings on sheets of nylon, technical photography and cartography of the engraved rocks.
• In laboratory: Digitization of the tracings, processing and recomposition with computer, catalogue, analysis and comparisons with archaeological sources.
•Total station

II Phase (8th-14th September)
The second part will focus on:
•Geoferencing of the rocks
• Structure from Motion
• Post-processing of the data

The attendance is possible for both the work phases or, in case, only for the first one.
It won’t be possible to take part only to the II phase.

Participation requirements : the course is  principally addressed to students and graduates in archaeology. People interested must send  the application form for the participation by the 15th of June 2014, accompanied by the curriculum (we kindly ask to indicate only the activities concerning the archaeological research and the academic career). The application forms not accompanied by the curriculum won’t be considered.
Priority will be given to students and graduates in archaeology. If there will be vacant places, other candidatures will be considered.
The participation fee will be 200 € comprehensive of inscription to Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici.
By the 20th of July the list with the selected students will be advertised.
The application form, logistic informations and more details are available on the web site; to contact the secretariat: