Recording rock-art fieldwork in Valcamonica 2016
In the wonderful framework of the Landmarks Valley, recognized as UNESCO heritage since 1979, the Centro Camuno of Studi Preistorici organize the annual recording rock-art fieldwork aims at the completion and integration of the documentation of the rock art in the middle Valcamonica.
Following the previous recording rock.art fieldworks, also this year the works will continue in the area of Foppe di Nadro – Riserva naturale incisioni rupestri di Ceto, Cimbergo e Paspardo (Rock engravings Natural Reserve of Ceto, Cimbergo e Paspardo) (Valcamonica - Italy) (on the concession of the Soprintendenza Archeologia della Lombardia). The Recording Rock-Art Fieldwork aimed at the complete documentation of the rock art and environment in which is inserted.

Period: 18-31 July
Available places: 15
Requirements: The fieldwork is addresses to everyone, priority will be given to students and graduates in archaeology or anthropology (or related fields) and with experiences in rock-art recording.
Deadline: curriculm and participation form has to be send by June 2016 to recording.rockart@ccsp.it 
Cost: The participation fee to the Fieldwork will be 100 € plus the inscription to Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici (40 €).
Lodging in Valcamonica: The lodging is at the “Guest house” of the Natural Reserve in Nadro with an agreed upon price of 10 € per night. The guest-house has a kitchen.


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Intensive course in recording rock art. New methods for the documentation and management for alpine and valley heritage

Period: August 22 - September 4, 2016
Length of course:
80 hours
Participation fee:
€ 680

Administrative office and seat:
via Morino n. 8 – Edolo (BS)
Tel/Fax. 0364/71324
Mail: corso.edolo@unimi.it
Coordinatrice del corso: Anna Giorgi

Seat of fieldwork activities:
Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici
via Marconi 7 - Capo di Ponte (BS)

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Shrines, sacred places, culture, art, pilgrimages, landscapes and people
Valcamonica (ITALY), 8th -12th July 2016

The third edition of the International Congress “Santuarios” will be held in Valcamonica, the Landmarks Valley. Only few other sites in the world can tell a long story of rooted spirituality as the Valcamonica: the great expansion of rock art, which has been recognized with the inscription to the UNESCO World Heritage list, the roman domination, the complex sequence of events linked to the conversion into Christianity of the Alps, the numerous churches, chapels, shrines and cult places.

The congress is aimed to identify and put in correlation the researchers who study the phenomenon of the shrines, in a multi-disciplinary perspective which comprehends the relations among the man, the environment, the art and the culture. A comparison between different discipline (anthropology, archaeology, architecture, art history, religion history and conservation) and points of view: the religious one (priests, believers, faithfuls and pilgrims), the laical one (philosophers, musicians and music scholars, psychologists, sociologists, writers and designers) and the one of everybody who interpret the idea of shrine as the meeting point of art, technic, work and devotion spirit.

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Who's Who in Rock-art, terza edizione (wwr3)
The first edition of Who's Who in Rock Art was published in 1985 and the second came out eleven years later in 1996. Thirty years after the first, a third is underway. The third edition commemorates the founding of the Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici in 1964 and is published in honour of the first editor, Ariela Fradkin Anati.

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Call for papers BCSP 40
Archaeological journal directed by Lucia Bellaspiga, published by Edizioni del Centro (registered in the Court of Brescia, January 2 1968, no. 7/1968 - ISSN 1594 - 7084).

The editorial board welcomes two kinds of original contributions to be considered for publication: papers and short news. Papers published in BCSP are previously approved by the scientific committee and the editorial board. The texts must be in English, French or Italian. The publication of the next volume of the BCSP is scheduled for December 2015. (get more info)





Fiftieth Anniversary of Centre's activities
In the last 50 years, the CCSP was a place to meet and discuss where they were born and trained researchers ideas and proposals, one powerhouse of ideas, a great place for interdisciplinary exchange where it was possible to grow professionally.
To remember, to take stock of the activities carried out and those in progress, to plan the future will be organized video screenings, meetings, exhibitions, conferences and debates that animate the second half of this year. The program wants to involve the territory, the camunian institutions and cultural partner Italian and international, that in those 50 years have collaborated with the Institute.

3D PITOTI: acquisition, processing and presentation of prehistoric European rock-art
3D PITOTI Project promoted and co-financed by the European Union. Partners: Nottingham University (UK), Fachhochschule St. Pölten (A), Cambridge University (UK), Bauhaus-Universitaet Weimar (D), Technische Universitaet Graz (A), ArcTron 3D GmbH (D), Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici (I).
The 3D-PITOTI project will significantly advance both the state of the art in rock-art research methodology and the 3D recording of rock art in general. Moreover it will not only 'take the rock-art to people' for the first time but will convey Pitoti (the local term knowledge to a much wider audience in interactive and engaging ways.
The main goals of the project are: • To build an affordable and portable multi-scale 3D scanning toolkit for high resolution acquisition of Pitoti figures and their natural context; • Develop intelligent data processing technologies to enrich the scanned 3D data by classification, clustering and retrieval techniques;: • Create interactive 3D visualisation and presentation techniques to provide access to the enriched high resolution digital rock-art for scientists, museum visitors, school children and web users
More info on dedicated website http://www.3d-pitoti.eu/

Rock art documentation between Sweden and Alps
The project, still in the initial phase, aims to deepen tools for the conservation and management of the reliefs of the rock art of Valcamonica and Sweden, through computerized procedures of scanning, archiving and research. A project that strengthens the partnership between the CCSP and the Swedish Rock Art Research Archives.

Recording Rock-Art Fieldwork in Valcamonica 2014 (PROJECT FINISHED)
Dipartimento Valcamonica and Lombardia and Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici organize the annual rock art recording of the Foppe area in Nadro – Riserva naturale incisioni rupestri di Ceto, Cimbergo e Paspardo (Brescia) (Rock engravings Natural Reserve of Ceto, Cimbergo e Paspardo (Brescia, Italy) aimed at the completion of the rock art areas research in the middle Val Camonica.
Recording Rock-Art Fieldwork is aimed at the training of a staff who can specializes in the rock art tracing, with lessons and meetings about rock art. The fieldworks, which will be organized in two different periods, will integrate the traditional rock art research through the tracing on sheets of nylon, with the employment of new techniques. In particular:

I Phase (21st July – 3rd August)
The first part of the fieldwork will focus on the following activities:
• Fieldwork: preparation of the rocky surfaces, tracing of the engravings on sheets of nylon, technical photography and cartography of the engraved rocks.
• In laboratory: Digitization of the tracings, processing and recomposition with computer, catalogue, analysis and comparisons with archaeological sources.
•Total station

II Phase (8th-14th September)
The second part will focus on:
•Geoferencing of the rocks
• Structure from Motion
• Post-processing of the data