Valcamonica - italian / english version
Camonica Valley is known worldwide for its outstanding wealth and variety of engraved rock art. In 1979 it was the first Italian site to be included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It is a truly unique place of beauty and charm, where Humankind interacted with the environment since Prehistory, characterizing it as the “The Valley of Landmarks”. - italian / english version
Tourist information web portal of Valcamonica and Iseo Lake region. A project created thanks to the Pro–Loco Consortium in order to make all the tourist information concerning Valcamonica available online. The website is exhaustive and constantly updated. The section related to the hotel accommodations and restaurants is particularly handy and easy to be consulted. - italian / english version
The site links to the Lombardy Region transport system website in order to give timetable of buses, trains and boats. - italian / english version
Tourist and Cultural Agency of the Capo di Ponte Municipality
Via Italia, 32 — Capo di Ponte — Tel. +39 334 6575628
The Agency provides services for the Capo di Ponte Municipality area. In addition to the information service, the Agency is charged with the administration of the Seradina–Bedolina Archaeological Park and the "Concarena" camping area.

Valcamonica rock-art parks
LAGO MORO PARK (Luine rock-art area and Corni Freschi archaeological area), Darfo Boario T.


NAQUANE ROCK-ART NATIONAL PARK, via Naquane, Capo di Ponte

MASSI DI CEMMO NATIONAL PARK, via Pieve di S.Siro, Capo di Ponte

MUPRE - Il Museo Nazionale della Preistoria della Valle Camonica, Capo di Ponte


Tourist and Educational facilites
Many agencies and associations offer guided visiting services and propose archaeological, historical and natural routes, as well as educational activities.
Archeocamuni - - italian / english version
Archeopark - - italian / english version
Associazione Pro Loco Capo di Ponte (local promotion association) - www.proloco.capo–di–
Associazione Pro Loco Cividate Camuno (local promotion association) - - italian / english version
Camuniverso - - italian / english version
Coop. Archeologica Le Orme dell'Uomo (Archaeological Cooperative "Footsteps of Man") -
Museo della Riserva (Reserve Museum) - - italian / english version
Museo didattico d'arte e vita preistorica ed Archeodromo (Prehistoric Art and Life Museum and Archaeodrome) -
LOntànoVerde - - italian / english version

Siti Amici
TRACCE - Online Rock Art Bulletin

International conferences and congresses
II Congresso Internacional de Património Global “ALTER IBI”
28 - 30 May 2015, Mêda, Portugal - - Scientific program click here

XIX International rock art conference IFRAO 2015 "Symbols in the landscape: rock art its context"
31 August – 4 September 2015, Caceres, Extremadura, Spain -

International Congresses "Santuários, Cultura, Arte, Romarias, Peregrinações, Paisagens e Pessoas"
8 - 14 september 2014, Alandroal, Portugal - - Scientific program click here

XVII Word UISPP Congress
1-7 september 2014, Burgos, Spain - - Scientific program click here


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