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NEWS FROM THE WORLD IFRAO Inter-Congress Symposium 2023
26 - 27 May 2023

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Due to organizational challenges, the IFRAO Inter Congress Symposium, originally foreseen for the 24-26 March has been postponed to the 26-27 May 2023.

The President of IFRAO with the support of the Convener announces the IFRAO Inter-Congress Symposium 2023 - News from the World which will be hosted as a video conference by the Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici (CCSP) and by the Footsteps of Man Archaeological Cooperative Society (IFRAO Members) between 26 and 27 May 2023.

After the pandemic, which has blocked numerous initiatives and prevented the smooth running of IFRAO meetings, the Inter-Congress Symposium 2023 will be an opportunity for the IFRAO member associations and for associated researchers to present their latest significant research, the objectives achieved and the prospects for the future. This email announcement is the formal invitation to participate.

Venue: the speakers will connect online via Zoom. All presentations will also be broadcast live on the YouTube channel of the Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici and the Footsteps of Man Archaeological Cooperative Society and shared on their respective Facebook pages.

Official language: English.

Presentation topics: state of research and new discoveries; publications, exhibitions, conferences and international projects.

Abstract: 200 words in English text accompanied by two images and five keywords. Please fill out the form provided by 15 May 2023. The book of abstracts will be published in an e-book edition by Edizioni del Centro.

Presentation method: presentations of about 20 minutes, on the Zoom platform, from your PC (check the functionality of the web connection, video camera and microphone). We recommend preparing a presentation of about 20 slides in PowerPoint, PDF or equivalent program, in English.